shouldn’t guy be the first to approach? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

" Krystal doesn’t seem to have much interest in becoming an adult (laughs). Once, my members and Krystal watched an R-rated movie at our dorm. It wasn’t a really a weird movie either. It was ‘American Pie’. But Krystal went crazy, causing a fuss. I guess she thought she was doing something wrong. “    - Jessica


Myungsoo explaining that idols experience mood swings, ups and downs, and hardships, just like anyone else

I don’t know much about relationships.
I definitely don’t know anything about love.
All I want, like, in the world,
is to just keep talking to you.
I wanna know how your day was,
where you wanna eat,
and I wanna argue with you.
And I wanna hear all your theories.

-Dave Hodgman

Eunji being a total sweetheart 

2 days to eunji’s b-day! :*・°☆ 8

Sehun for Grazia Magazine
Sehun for Grazia Magazine