I’m out here by myself. There are families here and couples. There are so many people. But I’m all alone. It would be so nice if we were here together. What should I do now? Where do I have to go now? I’m so scared. I feel so stuck. Why did you do it? Why did you go and leave me here alone? (My Lovely Girl)


shouldn’t guy be the first to approach? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

" Krystal doesn’t seem to have much interest in becoming an adult (laughs). Once, my members and Krystal watched an R-rated movie at our dorm. It wasn’t a really a weird movie either. It was ‘American Pie’. But Krystal went crazy, causing a fuss. I guess she thought she was doing something wrong. “    - Jessica


Myungsoo explaining that idols experience mood swings, ups and downs, and hardships, just like anyone else

I don’t know much about relationships.
I definitely don’t know anything about love.
All I want, like, in the world,
is to just keep talking to you.
I wanna know how your day was,
where you wanna eat,
and I wanna argue with you.
And I wanna hear all your theories.

-Dave Hodgman

Eunji being a total sweetheart 

2 days to eunji’s b-day! :*・°☆ 8

Sehun for Grazia Magazine
Sehun for Grazia Magazine